UUSRF Loses Founding Member Jens Gunelson

Jens Gunelson, founding member of UUSRF, died January 31, 2024.

Jens Gunelson passed early on the morning of January 31, 2024.

The PB CAR failed to arrest the aggressive growth of his cancer. This was his 6th encounter with lymphoma; almost certainly a legacy of his service in Vietnam.

Please keep Jens’ whole family in your thoughts and prayers.

Kali and Naomi are losing their father figure. William and Maxcie are losing their Papa who was part of their daily life. Jordan is losing the one person who was “always” there for her and she for him.

We here are losing one of our founding members who is leaving his mark on so many parts of our small society. UUSRF is part of his legacy.

We will celebrate Jens at a memorial service at UUSRF when the time is right for Jordan. He wants to be sure his brothers are included.

Jens Gunelson, founding member of UUSRF
Jens Gunelson, founding member of UUSRF
Grief statement by Heidi Priebe

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