September #9 Permaculture in Practice

Charlie Mgee – ‘Small and Slow’

Join Us Sunday, September 10, 2023 at 10:30 p.m. for #9 Permaculture in Practice.

The concept illustrates one of the “Golden Rules” from Bill Mollison’s Designers Manual – start small, get it under control and then slowly expand the perimeter – or put another way, don’t take on too much too quickly, as you’re likely overwhelmed.

Plants help create a healthier garden, reduce our carbon footprint and help the local insect population thrive. However, we’ve got to pick the correct plants to get the maximum benefit.

There are some universal characteristics that make a plant a great candidate for a permaculture garden. Choose plants that are low maintenance, deep rooting and ideally in the legume family and those that produce a lot of foliage.

Here is a list for good options to start a permaculture project for yourself or add in to your landscape for edible enjoyment!       How does your “garden” grow? this month we will explore strategies and plans for UUSRF and home gardens to become more resilient         Arrowhead Asparagus Black Locust Comfrey Edible flowers Fiddleheads Hazelnut Hops Mint Mulberry Ramps Red CloverStinging NettleStrawberrySunchokes Walking Onions