Creativity Matters Group to Meet Once a Month

Would you be interested in an online small group exploring monthly themes through creative expression!? Join us for a once-a-month meeting from February to May on the last Wednesday of the month from 6-8 pm (Feb. 22, Mar. 29, Apr. 26, May 31)

The monthly meeting of the “Creativity Matters” group is a chance for UUs from around the country to come together to explore the monthly themes and engage in spiritual discernment through creative expression!

You don’t have to think of yourself as “an artist” to participate. It is designed for everyone interested in engaging their intuition and imagination in the service of spiritual reflection. Suggested projects do not require formal artistic skill or background. All you need is a sense of adventure. Think of it as making room for your right brain to dance with your left brain.

Participants get a packet each month that contains creative exercises to work on ahead of the group. The packet also contains inspirational material and reflection questions related to that exercise. ​

At our meetings, we not only share the projects we did but also engage in-group exercises together to open up the monthly theme for us in a new way. We don’t critique each other’s projects. Instead, we engage each other’s sharing using our Soul Matters deep listening and discernment techniques to create an environment of self-discovery; Using whatever writing practice you are most comfortable with (journaling, poetry, prose, storytelling), participants can share, inspire, and support and witness each other.

UUSRF can participate in this group, holding our own monthly meeting in addition to that with the online affiliates.

If interested, email with interest or questions.

Monthly Themes Include:

January: Finding Our Center

February: Love

March: Vulnerability

April: Resistance

May: Creativity