UU The Vote

Unitarian Universalists have been part of every movement in U.S. history, and we are ready to show up for the next election like never before. Our forebearers and ancestors gave us the blueprints for seeking justice in the world and speaking truth to power. And now it’s our turn. We have inherited the legacies of …

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What Do They Have in Common?

Question: What do these scientists, Nobel Peace Prize recipients, politicians, activists, and others have in common? Frances Harper, Paul Revere, Olympia Brown, EE Cummings, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Albert Schweitzer, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, John Quincy Adams, William Howard Taft, Millard Fillmore, Lucy Stone, Christopher Reeve, Oliver Wendall Holmes, Thomas Jefferson, Herman Melville, Sylvia Plath, Paul Newman, …

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Calendar of Events – September 2022

Book Group meeting 9:00am Sundays – Sept. 11 through Nov. 6 Sunday, September 18, 10:30 AM speaker, Pey Carter; currently enrolled in the Doctor of Ministry Social Transformation program at the United Seminary of the Twin Cities. Pey has over 12 years of advocacy experience in the areas of disability, queer liberation, and trauma. They have guest …

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Survey questionnaire

Please take your time to answer the following questions about your impressions of UUSRF responses appreciated by Wednesday September 21st. Thank You!! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScMLoYWBK38nY4JGfHiNo1CNl3NGxeU-YPaxtpt_Y1Lr3fkBA/viewform?usp=sf_link