November 2023 Calendar of Events

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This month programs involve themes of Generosity and will offer interpretations of specific selections from each of the seven principles of Unitarian Universalism as well as discussions of the proposed Eighth Principle

5 Spiritual Growth: “Holy Generosity” with Rev. Ted Tollefson of Red Wing,MN

“In a world marked by scarcity and competition, generosity presumes Abundance!   How is  this possible?  How does generosity build better lives and stronger communities one gesture at a time?”

12  Environmentalism: Permaculture in Practice #11

19  Social Action: Peter Kilde of West CAP will speak about “Economics that don’t support perpetual poverty”  (  In good times and bad, real poverty in America is the reality for about 40% of the population. “Laws” of economics? Nope. See how some other countries, advanced industrial and not, do a much better job of economic systems that work for all..

26  Community: Forum on Cultural Evolution: Braiding Grief, Courage, Hope and Joy with the intent to evolve our culture