Not a Service, but Importance High!

-From Paula Lugar

Article II study commission image

We have been hearing about Article II and we should learn more about it to be active in the decision process. It is described as a fundamental change to what it means to be a UU. Is that what it really is? If so, is that what we want? IF we choose not to engage, we choose not to be part of the democratic process.

Learn about Article II, CLICK HERE.

Here’s info from a Grass Roots organization about the possible downsides of Article II: CLICK HERE.

Why Have a National Conversation?

  • The changes to Article II substantively alter Unitarian Universalism.
  • The Seven Principles are effectively eliminated; replaced by Values, demanding action.
  • The Six Sources are effectively eliminated; replaced by a reference to our religious ancestry.
  • Congregational independence is undermined. Power is reversed.