May 2024 Sunday Services

May’s theme is Pluralism.
Pluralism as a philosophy is the diversity within a political/religious/social body, which is seen to
permit the peaceful coexistence of different interests, convictions, and lifestyles

May 5 Rev Ted Tollefson of Red Wing MN UU.
Pluralism is Just the Beginning
In a complex, changing and multi-faceted world, Pluralism is a good way to begin, but it’s not
enough. What’s needed are two cardinal values, one from Universalism the other from
Unitarianism. Also a new poem called “Cardinal Calling”.

There will a signing of the membership book for anyone wishing to become a member of
UUSRF during the Sunday service. We will celebrate all new members at a future service after
the annual meeting. Please contact Don Leake ( if you would like to
become a member or if you have questions about membership in our society.

May 12 Universal Mothering:
Peter Goon Halfaday, a member of the Bad River Band of Ojibwe from Ashland, WI. He is a Fire
Keeper and Indigenous food sovereignty expert. He will likely talk about indigenous cooking (he
is a chef) and tie it to our connection with “Mother Earth.”

May 19 UUSRF Annual Meeting; business and elections + potluck and entertainment! This
service will include a call for new members. We need a quorum of members to come to this
meeting. If you are unable to attend, you can vote by absentee ballot or proxy. More info to
come on this.

May 26 Forum Back by popular demand, Revision of Article II from April 28th will continue on
May 26th. There is a LOT of information to consider. There will be a summary of some of the
comments next week plus some new resources.