UUSRF Welcomes Visitors


Becoming a Member of the Unitarian Universalist Society of River Falls

The decision to become a member of the UU Society of River Falls is important.   Here are the steps in this process as understood by our membership committee in  2015.

1. Clarifying your Intention to join our Society.  

We suggest that you talk with our board president, Tera Wells and/or any member of the membership committee: Prill Snelling, Vicki Aarsheim or Bob Emberger.   

2. Stating your intention to join our Society. 

We ask that your print  your name in our Membership Book as a public statement of your intent to join.  Later, at a public ceremony, you'll be invited to sign the book next to your printed name. 

3. Keep Growing, Keep Learning.

Several times a year we offer classes,  so you can learn more about Unitarian Universalism.   There are also quarterly retreats or workshops to help your clarify your beliefs, develop a spiritual practice, and test our UU Principles in your own life.  We believe in life-long learning.  There are also many "Affinity Groups" where you can grow your faith and get to know our members at a deeper level.

4. Fill out a Pledge Form---Help us Thrive

The life of our Society is sustained by members and friends who make generous donations of their time, talents and money.  We need all three ingredients for our Society to prosper.  Filling out a pledge form, joining a Helping Hands Project, assisting with Spiritual Education for adults and children are all ways you can help us thrive.

5. Participate in a New Member Ceremony

Once or twice each year, we celebrate a New Member Ceremony at a Sunday Service.    At this ceremony, we welcome our new members, give them useful  gifts and celebrate their presence in our community.  Usually, there's a tea or light lunch that follows.  If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact board president, Tera Wells.


6. What do we expect of our new members? 

The same things we expect of all our members.  

Be present---Keep Growing---Help us grow----Give generously