UUSRF Spiritual Education:

Families with children ages 2 through HS age are invited & welcome in our program! We explore many spiritual/religious traditions through varied activities. Lessons include digging & planting, writing, reading, drawing, painting, playing, meditating, singing/chanting, creating ceremonies, and more! Come journey with us - starting  in  September! 

 The curriculum this year (for 2 year old through elementary school aged children) will be a collaboration between the Spiritual Education (soon to be Spiritual Formation) Committee, UUA recommended topics and our brand new Teacher, Traci Langan! She is a Junior at UWRF and is eager to meet you and your children.

We are hoping to have a run-down of the school year classes soon but first we need to meet Traci.  If you make it to the Labor Day Picnic, you will have that opportunity!  I hope you can be there.

The Young Rivendell Youth Group, (middle school and high school age youth) will be meeting on second and fourth Sundays, 4:00 to 6:00 pm at UU.  See them in our schedule in green! Leaders are Robert and Michelle Smith.  Join in the community building!

Look to the "HOME Page" for announcement of SE/SF/RG plans for the upcoming week!

The SE Committee will be taking turns assisting with the classes each week and we have had offers from the congregation as well.  If you would like to be of assistance, please contact Bob Emberger or Tera Wells.

 Our student body is not a large one today.  We seek to grow with a solid group of young families searching to raise their children with acceptance, love and diversity.  Help us do that by bringing your friends with children to meet us. All children are welcome to attend and some parents may want to assist.  Share your child's needs with the teacher and relax at the service or join the teacher to help your child and the group through their first experiences together.

In case you are considering joining the Spiritual Education Team

as a teacher or an assistant,

here are a few people who have filled those roles so far this year.


     Tera Wells        Jim Moenke     Bob Emberger

It takes a village. In 2017 you can add your picture here!

Please contact our SE Committee Chair Tera Wells (  to share your teacher and aide talents.  

This will go a long way toward fulfilling your talent offering in stewardship and helping our children develop into productive, caring, responsible, independent, compassionate, knowledgable, fulfilled and respectful human beings. 

Your teachers:

Traci Langan for the Dragonflies and Caterpillars

Robert and Michele Smith for the Rivendell Group  


Parental help is critical to the SE (Spiritual Education) program. Parents are encouraged to help by volunteering to assist classes, make monetary contributions, donate supplies and/or help do work around the building. We hope you will visit us soon and often!