UUSRF Spiritual Education:

Families with children ages 2-13 years are invited & welcome in our program! We explore many spiritual/religious traditions through varied activities. Lessons include digging & planting, writing, reading, drawing, painting, playing, meditating, singing/chanting, creating ceremonies, and more! Come journey with us - starting  in  September! 

The curriculum this year will actually be two different (but complimentary) plans through the UUA Tapestry of Faith.

(UUA Link to Curriculum)

Love Will Guide Us and Love Surrounds Us.

Copies of the curricula can be downloaded from the UUA website.

A reference Schedule of classes for the year:

Look to the "HOME Page" for announcement of SE plans for the upcoming service!

Anyone interested in teaching should email Anna at 

We have several eager assistants to share the load waiting in the wings.  Please join takes a village!!

Our student body is not a large one today.  We seek to grow with a solid group of young families searching to raise their children with acceptance and diversity.  Help us do that by bringing your friends with children without fear that they will feel out of place in our classes.   Share their needs with the teacher and relax at the service or join the teacher to help your child and the group through their first experiences together.

In case you are considering joining the Spiritual Education Team

as a teacher or an assistant,

here are a few people who have filled those roles so far this year.


     Tera Wells        Jim Moenke     Bob Emberger

It takes a village. In 2017 you can add your picture here!

Please contact our SE Director Anna Ostendorf (  

 to share your teacher and aide talents.  This will go a long way toward fulfilling your talent offering in stewardship and helping our children develop into productive, caring, responsible, independent, compassionate, knowledgable, fulfilled and respectful human beings. 

Your teachers:


Anna Ostendorf has a bachelor's degree in Religious Studies and Anthropology and enjoys learning about and exploring different forms of spirituality and religious practice. She loves teaching SE (Spiritual Education) for the opportunity to discuss ideas of spirituality with the children and hearing them share their own unique perspectives. Anna is also a big fan of art projects and loves that SE means being able to combine religion with glitter.



Rachel Knipfer is a life-long UU who grew up in the UU Church in Rochester, MN.  Rachel is an Orchestra teacher in the Hudson School District and directs the Choir here at UUSRF. 

The Youth Group will be meeting 2nd and 4th Sundays at the SE time during the service.  Rachel is excited to be advising the Youth Group and is looking forward to helping our youth find their UU identities.  


Parental help is critical to the SE (Spiritual Education) program. Parents are encouraged to help by volunteering to assist classes, make monetary contributions, donate supplies and/or help do work around the building. We hope you will visit us soon and often!