Rev Nancy Holden

Nancy joined our ministry staff in the fall of 2010.

Unitarian Universalist Community Ministers...

work beyond the walls of churches and fellowships, serving as social workers, therapists, teachers, or social organizers. They are affiliated with some UU church or fellowship but not usually compensated by them. In fact, they often volunteer for all kinds of service to their UU connection, as do most members of the UU family( Rev. Nancy and her husband Doug have been members of the Unitarian Universalist Society of River Falls for ten years. Here is a list of her current service to the community and the UUSRF.


Coalition for a Compassionate Community – formed in 2011 in response to the issue of bullying, CCC elected Rev. Nancy their Chair. After working for a year to build compassion and reduce bullying, CCC turned to the issue of domestic violence and held a workshop with world-renowned author Dr. Lundy Bancroft (attended by 120, mostly professionals in helping professions.) In 2013, CCC launched a campaign to create a free mental health care center. That project is ongoing, with a separate steering committee in charge.

Adult Children of Alcoholics

Ministry to alcoholics, addicts, and codependents has also been part of the work of a community minister. Rev. Nancy facilitates a group of 12-step program, Adult Children ( meeting weekly at UUSRF. She also counsels families and individuals affected by chemical dependency.