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Service: Dr. Sandy Ellis and Dr. Mike Dorscher, UWRF Journalism Department will speak and lead discussion on freedom of the press in our present age. -Sunday September 17 - 10:30 -11:30 am:

What a tremendous dose of important information we received on Sunday.  Although Mike was unable to make it to the presentation we were not cheated.  Sandy was a full plate of information, well presented and I am told we could possibly have another rendition, either when Mike is able to make it or when Sandy can spare the time for a return visit.

I write this as a space keeper for promised links that it seemed our group would be anxious to have available.  Keep coming back for more reading material.  We all seem to require more information on the subject of Freedom of the Press and how it relates to changing our future.  When you have time... 

In general, the page has been ignored for a long time.  I apologize for not knowing what to classify as news.  The other pages have given me enough to handle.  

The year has been both discouraging, world wide, and inspiring.  We have seen tragedy and monumental chaos in government. We have seen giant leaps in policies and attitudes with far reaching effects that are not all but mostly terrible.  I would like to know if you believe there should be a "Letters to the Editor" segment to our website?  What do you think?

This would be a chance for members and friends of UUSRF to share their thoughts much like a "forum" while giving others the opportunity to get a feel for the diversity in thought and opinion we offer as a group.  

If you have an opinion, or a letter, please send it to me:  HERE

Life Changes for Ann and Don Leake, again! 

They are back in River Falls from their year in Sierra Leon.  We are hoping for a service soon to share their experience but won't push.  You can though!

Wonderful news!  Don and Ann will be sharing about their Africa adventure soon!  Be here on October 8 for a peak into their year in Sierra Leon.

BZZZ!  BZZZ! BZZZ!  They've been working for you!  Want Honey?

o0o  Prairie Star Honey o0o

Member Hives - The harvest is done and processing is under way.  

Quarts and a few hex jars available in the kitchen!