UUSRF Members Only Links

The resources below are links to information that is of particular interest to UUSRF members. It contains such items as the Board makeup and minutes of meetings; committees structure and members; a membership directory; UUSRF financial updates and many other things that will be helpful for our members to stay engaged at UUSRF.
  • The Membership Directory  - contact information of fellow members.
  • The Current Board members, their office positions, contact information, duration of term,  minutes, schedule and location of board meetings. (Under Construction)
  • The Committee Framework -  committee list, chairs, active members, responsibilities.  (Under Construction)
  • The "In Service" List - Skill offerings and contact information of service providers, a description of the "In Service" process and how it is designed to work for users, providers and the society.
  • Financial updates -  current financial reports, budget updates, stewardship program updates and information on who to speak to for sharing of fundraising efforts.